Pick Yourself Up

Written by Judy Klipin

I am a little preoccupied with the notion of burnout at the moment.

Possibly because so many of my clients seem to be in its grip.

Possibly because I see a direct correlation between being an adult child and being prone to burnout.

Possibly because I seem to be flirting with burnout again.

Probably all of the above.

I believe that the two main reasons we get burnt out are because we don’t ask for help often enough, and we don’t say no often enough.

We take on more and more responsibilities and tasks (often without even being asked) without sharing the load, and without thinking about whether or not we actually have the resources – the time, energy, inclination, ability – to do them.

We run ourselves ragged and then become surprised when we hit a wall of exhaustion, overwhelm, depletion. 

Sometimes the wall also has some resentment and depression for added interest.

Burnout is not fun.  Not the first time.  Not the second time.  And most definitely not any time after that.

And make no mistake, it is recurring condition. 

Every time we visit burnout, it is that much easier to go back for another stay. 

Every time we push our bodies, minds and souls too far, we make ourselves that much less resilient to exhaustion and overwhelm the next time around.

To avoid burnout, we need to learn to ask for and accept help.

We need to work out what we can say no to – for a short while or forever.

What can you ask for help with?

Where can you accept help that is offered?

And what can you put down, in order to pick yourself up?

Don’t wait to hit that wall – slow down now and avoid a crash.

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