How Can I Help YOU?

Written by Judy Klipin

I am constantly amazed and inspired humans – we are all so different, and yet so similar.

I work with clients from all walks of life and from all over the world.  Each client has a unique story – a set of circumstances, life events, opportunities, hardships – that belongs to them alone.  Even if they have brothers and sisters who grew up in the same house and the same family, each person has a different experience of their childhood and of their relationships.

We are all the same.

We are all human, we are all vulnerable and we are all resilient.   

But we are also all different.

Each of us is resilient in different ways, and we all have different vulnerabilities.

When I first started coaching, I offered a package of 8 sessions and we followed a set process, covering the information and working with the tools that were assigned for that session.  As I grew and developed as a coach, I started to create my own (unique) tools and methods of working with my clients.

Now I understand that coaching, like life, is an organic process and one that can’t be engineered to suit some pre-ordained timetable.

My coaching style has evolved and it now reflects this understanding.  I no longer ask people to sign up for a certain number of sessions, and I don’t expect them to come every week for coaching as I used to.  Now, I trust that they are able to assess what feels right for them, and I make it clear that I trust them to make the right choices for and commitment to themselves.

I work with a set of tools and techniques that benefit everyone, and which I am constantly adding to and updating.  But I work with them in a way that allows the process to unfold as it needs to for each individual client; building on their resilience, and addressing their vulnerabilities.   

In your time, at your pace, and in response to your unique situation, you and I will work together to celebrate who you are, while making some changes to how you are in your world and your relationships.

You will grow into the person you really are.

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Well said, Judy, and so true.

Judy, it’s helpful to hear what you’ve learned. I’ve considered offering packages with specific learning objectives. For now I’m staying with the “organic” approach.

Thank you Catherine! Nice to hear from you xx

Deborah, I am so pleased I am not the only ‘organic’ coach.
I am interested to hear about your packages with specific learning objectives. Please tell me more about them when you are ready.

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Hi Judy i resently spoke to a collegue of mine about you and recommended you she needs some couching. How can we contact you for sessions,we are staying in Bloemfontein but would travel to Johannesburg.

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