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Welcome to my “Real Life Coaching” blog.

The reason I created this blog is because many people who want to become coaches have little or no idea about what being a coach entails.

This blog will give some insight into the day-to-day challenges and triumphs of a regular real life coach.  It will provide a window into the workings of my coaching practice.  It will NOT divulge any of the conversations I have with clients, nor will it refer to clients in any way that would compromise their anonymity or the confidentiality of our relationship and discussions.

Thirdly, coaching can be a lonely profession – the commitment to confidentiality makes sharing and support difficult to access.  I hope this blog will provide a sense of community to and for other coaches.

I look forward to hearing feedback from you, my readers!

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Why Don’t We Pay More Attention to Ourselves?

Why Don’t We Pay More Attention to Ourselves?

Last week I gave a free continuing education phone seminar for coaches. The topic was “Understanding and Preventing Compassion Fatigue for Coaches”. Having been on the receiving end of compassion fatigue more than a couple of times, and having witnessed and coached a not inconsiderable number...

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Why am I so tired when I am doing what I love?

Why am I so tired when I am doing what I love?

It’s very confusing. How can we, as coaches, have traded in the dead-end, soulless job to be doing work that we love, serving everyone else’s and our own higher good and still be feeling tired, overwhelmed, teary and sometimes downright homicidal? Over and over I see coaches who are feeling exhausted...

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Don’t Spend Money You Don’t Have

So you’ve got your certification as a coach. You’ve completed your training, passed your assessments and are ready to go out and change the world and all the people who live in it. And you’re terrified. What if no-one comes? What if I don’t get enough clients? What if I never get any clients? What...

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Supervision – somewhere to put things down.

Coaching can sometimes be a very challenging profession for me. I hear all my clients’ secrets and hurts, fears and dreams. I share their joy and their sadness, their triumphs and their defeats. And then I go home and can’t share it with anyone. Part of my contract with my clients is absolute confidentiality...

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