The Support Sanctuary

The Support Sanctuary is a refuge for coaches and anyone else who makes a habit of or living from caring. It is a place to share your worries, to celebrate your successes, and ask for help and advice. I created it to help you to build resilience against compassion fatigue and burnout.

Compassion fatigue is often referred to as “the cost of caring” because it is a response to the ongoing stress of caring for others. For many of us, our desire to help others sometimes overrides our ability to help ourselves.

Anyone who cares for others, in any capacity, is in danger of developing compassion fatigue. Coaches, counselors, therapists, teachers, or medical professionals, parents, family members and friends of frail and vulnerable people… It makes little difference if your caring is personal or professional; if you care for others for any length of time you are vulnerable to compassion fatigue

If you would like to visit the Sanctuary, you can do so in person or over the phone or Skype. You also have the choice of having individual sessions or group sessions with up to a maximum of three participants.

Contact me for more information about Sanctuary packages.

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