Burnout Recovery: Rebuild Your Resilience (Level 1)

Burnout Recovery Rebuild Your Resilience Online Course - July Klipin

We all have an inherent and innate resilience; the ability to bounce back, to recover from hardship or adversity, to adapt well to stress. Every day, in numerous ways, we behave like a rubber band – pushing ourselves to the extreme and then springing back to a neutral state.

But when we stretch ourselves too far and too often we risk losing all our strength and elasticity – and if we push ourselves even further then we may snap. This loss of the ability to bounce back – and that snap – is Burnout. When we push ourselves to the point of exhaustion, overwhelm and strengthlessness (which is definitely not the same as weakness), we have pushed ourselves into Burnout.

Burnout is a state of chronic exhaustion that is a serious, and growing problem. It negatively impacts on our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and relational health.

You may have Burnout if you:

  • wake up in the morning still unrefreshed,
  • crave sugar and starchy foods,
  • feel tired all the time,
  • can’t summon enthusiasm for much,
  • feel hopeless, helpless, resentful and irritable.

Like so many people I know, I am a repeat offender when it comes to Burnout. I have had it more times than I care to remember or admit. It is only since I started to work with it in my coaching practice that I have really begun to understand Burnout. I now know that the underlying causes of Burnout are many and varied. I have developed tools and processes that help my clients (and myself) in managing Burnout. I help you to regain and maintain your life force.

This interactive eCoaching programme will help you to understand what Burnout is, and identify what has led you to the point of exhaustion and overwhelm. It will provide you with practical tools and actions to reconnect with your purpose, passion and productivity – and to rebuild your resilience and ability to bounce back.

If you have Burnout, chances are you already have quite a full plate! I don’t want this course to add to your overwhelm, but rather to help you find space for yourself to rest, regroup and rebuild your resilience.

The eCoaching programme is designed so that each of the nine short but powerful emails build incrementally to combine information with tools and action for transformation. The emails will arrive in your inbox twice a week for the duration of the programme and you can complete the reading and exercises at your own pace, from your own space and in your own time. You are encouraged to email me with any questions or insights you’d like to share.

I look forward to working with you!

Price: R750 / $75 payable via EFT or Paypal.

Gift Vouchers: You can give this course as a gift. All you need to do is register and pay, send proof of payment and I will send you a gift voucher for you to give to the lucky recipient.

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