Burnout Recovery: Rebuild Your Resilience (Level 1)

Burnout Recovery Online Course

Price: R375 / $37  R750 / $75  (50% off – ends 28 February 2018)

My Burnout Recovery Online Course will help you understand what Burnout is and identify what has led you to the point of exhaustion and overwhelm. It will provide you with practical tools and actions to reconnect you with your purpose, passion and productivity – and to rebuild your resilience and ability to bounce back.

Burnout is a state of chronic exhaustion that is a serious, and growing problem. It negatively impacts on our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and relational health.

You may have Burnout if you:

  • wake up in the morning still unrefreshed,
  • crave sugar and starchy foods,
  • feel tired all the time,
  • can’t summon enthusiasm for much,
  • feel hopeless, helpless, resentful and irritable.

Like so many people I know, I am a repeat offender when it comes to Burnout. I have had it more times than I care to remember or admit. It is only since I started to work with it in my coaching practice that I have really begun to understand Burnout. I now know that the underlying causes of Burnout are many and varied. I have developed tools and processes that help my clients (and myself) in managing Burnout. I help you to regain and maintain your life force.

If you have Burnout, chances are you already have quite a full plate! I don’t want this course to add to your overwhelm, but rather to help you find space for yourself to rest, regroup and rebuild your resilience…

When you sign up for this course you will:

  • Recognise the signs and symptoms of burnout
  • Take practical steps to get your energy and enthusiasm back
  • Put yourself back on YOUR agenda
  • Rediscover your joy
  • Remember what is important to you and what makes you happy
  • Learn to say NO to what doesn’t serve you and YES to what does
  • Reconnect with yourself
  • Learn to listen to your body and trust its wisdom
  • Get better at asking for help
  • Shorten your “To Do” lists and make the tasks more pleasant
  • Make practical and realistic plans to achieve your goals and priorities
  • Strengthen your boundaries
  • Reduce resentment
  • Reinvest in important relationships

By completing this Online Course you will regain your energy, your enthusiasm and your resilience.

Feedback about this course

  • “It feels quite exhilarating to take such a step … a bit like starting to take my life back one small step at a time. Thank you for your guidance.”
  • “Many thanks for your enlightening course – it resonates a great deal with me. I am listening more to my body and have given myself breathing space, I am learning to be kinder to myself.”
  • “It is peaceful, simple, clear and calm. As life should be.”
  • “The course is certainly impacting on my life positively! Grateful – thanks.”
  • “I have now been able to tell people no. Something that I couldn’t do before. I always would put their needs before mine and in the end I was having this burnout and self hatred. Thank you for helping me say no and not feel guilty about it. Thank you for motivating me.”
  • “You have already helped me to change my life for good and better things. Thank you!”
  • “I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your emails and have taken all the steps. I’ve created a little folder in my inbox with all your emails so I can go back when, and I’m sure it will happen, I forget to look after myself.”
  • “I am nodding non-stop whilst reading this. So true. I’m listening.”
  • “The insights you have highlighted have made me so much more aware of all the kinds of interactions and drama that plays out in daily life.”
  • “I have recently been amazed how a little, minor adjustment could lead to major changes in the roots of one’s life! It has challenged my belief system – I always thought a large-scale, carefully thought-out & constructed change is what is required!”
  • “I don’t even quite know where to begin, but in a nutsthell: so many issues are valid and I have gained a lot of insight from the individual topics. Especially when it comes to reaching out and asking for help. This has always been an issue and is definitely the hardest part to work on.”
  • “I love the short, but to the point emails you have created. Really great. Very helpful.”
  • “I really enjoyed the first installment of your Burnout Recovery emails, it was a good, easy read with practical things and realisations. Thank you for offering such a course.”

How does the course work?

  • The course consists of nine short but powerful emails that build incrementally – combining information with tools and action for transformation.
  • The course emails will arrive in your inbox twice a week for 5 weeks.
  • You can complete the reading and exercises at your own pace – from your own space and in your own time.
  • You are encouraged to email me with any questions or insights you’d like to share.

I look forward to working with you!


Price: R375 / $37   R750 / $75
(50% off – ends 28 February 2018)

Payment: via EFT or Paypal.

Gift Vouchers: You can give this course as a gift – simply contact me to arrange it!

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