It is my very great pleasure to share with you some of the feedback I have received from clients.

Thanks for another really great class – I think you are such a good teacher: your thoughts and slides and flow of information are so clear, you’re articulate, the pace is great, you’re able to handle questions so fluidly, I like your positive energy… really enjoyed this and all the others too.


The ‘Find Your Voice, Use Your Choice’ adult child life coaching programme was life-changing. It gave me answers to issues and situations I have been grappling with for years.

The way in which Judy presented the information made it easy for me to relate it to my own life, and the practical tools she offered, enabled me to bring about real shifts in attitude and action that have brought about positive changes in my life.

Lyn BJohannesburg

Thanks for a wonderful session – I couldn’t sleep last night from joy and excitement!  I can see so much coming together…

PatCape Town

Just wanted to thank you so much for the session last night – I cannot tell you the utter relief I feel after a lifetime of always thinking there’s something wrong with me!


I have seen various psychologists and therapists but none of them have the skill of Judy in being able to relate to me and the way I think about things.

She remembers minutiae and details (and I have had life coaching sessions with her on and off since 2007) and has the unique ability to be sympathetic whilst helping me to identify what I need to do to change how I act.

Her insights really give me hope when I am feeling at my wits end. I thoroughly recommend both her classes and her individual coaching.


Judy, you have given me the tools to change and move my life in directions I never knew possible. I am truly grateful for your help.


The process with you brought me to what feels like the best decision I have ever made.

I am so happy, and I feel so free and in control of my own life. Thanks so much. When I started seeing you I was completely trapped and afraid and exhausted.

Now I feel so energised and alive. Amazing!


Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me. I know I did the work, but you were my compass…the work you do is extraordinary, I hope you know how much?

In helping me see myself, you have helped others too, that is what is so amazing about your work… I see evidence of this each day in the changes in my children.

I am very grateful for finding you, and I will always keep in touch. (You’re my “Nanny Mcphee” – but much cuter:-) )


Perception is everything and working with Judy has helped me realise my true potential by changing my outlook of life into more positive ones. I enjoy walking out of a life coaching session feeling like I am in control again, less stressed and more energetic. I have come to identify my adult-child and I am now consciously aware of how I deal with situations using the tools that Judy has provided. I believe that life coaching is an essential part of everyone’s life and Judy has played a significant part in helping me attain my goals.


Judy has the ability to gently turn you inwards to your own journey. Here is what she reminded me of, that I had forgotten:

1. To be gentle with myself
2. That looking after my needs is not selfish
3. Honoring and respecting my feelings
4. That its OK to receive and just say THANK YOU, no apologizing or feeling guilty
5. Cant give to the point of depletion
6. To be grateful
7. Acceptance

Thank you Judy from my heart.


I feel extremely fortunate to have met Judy at a time when I needed some personal redirection in life. I have learned some wonderful tools that are useful in my personal life and that I successfully use in my practice. Judy has a gentle, intuitive, humorous and incisive way of working. An absolute pleasure to have and continue to be working and learning from this gifted lady!

Lynne Campbell-Gillies

I can honestly say Judy changed my life! When I arrived I was holding down a highly successful career but was burnt out, stressed and unwell.

First, she helped me set and manage my boundaries more effectively at work and home, dramatically shifting my relationships and giving me much better balance. Then she helped me to stop approaching life like a hurdle race – with an endless list of tasks to complete one after the other – and allow myself to just enjoy the ride.

When I decided to change career, she carefully guided me through a process of taking a step back to give myself space to think, working through various options and finally coming up with my dream job.

Thanks to Judy I have made some very courageous decisions (moving country, starting my own business) that felt very natural and supported all the way. Everyone close to me has commented on how much happier and healthier I am since we started working together.

She’s a truly gifted coach and I feel very lucky to have worked with her.

Anna JonesDirectorMaitland Jones Ltd.

Judy is my go-to person when I find myself uncertain about how to interpret the signposts in my life. Her insights and ability to draw out what lies deepest inside have helped provide clarity and integrity at pivotal life moments over many years. I regularly refer friends and colleagues to Judy – they are invariably grateful, enriched and strengthened by the connection.


My 9 sessions with Judy at the start of 2011 had an invaluable impact on my role as a business leader. Not only did it assist me in gaining powerful insight on myself, it also contributed substantially to my self healing as a person on a very deep level. After all, how can we expect to lead others if we do not make the effort to authentically lead ourselves first?

Pepe MaraisChief Creative OfficerJoe Public

Judy is a highly skilled and intuitive coach who brings to her coaching (among other things) a clear mind, fierce compassion, deeply nurturing kindness, and brilliant detective skills.

I sought Judy out because of her deep knowledge and skill in working with Adult Children. Having grown up in an alcoholic household, I knew I needed special guidance from someone who really understood the legacy of shame, anger, pain, self-doubt, fear, sadness, and powerlessness that accompanies such an upbringing.

With Judy’s assistance, my heart is beginning to heal, and I’m learning to trust that being kind to myself is actually a really useful strategy that I never learned at home. In working with Judy, my brave and brilliant Survivor Self feels safe to reveal her pain and the choices she made in my past that helped me to cope with an insecure home environment and very likely saved my life.

Now with Judy’s guidance, my Social Self and I can review these choices and amend them to strategies and beliefs that better serve the woman I am now. I simply cannot say enough good things about coaching with Judy.

If you want to heal your heart and life, and to leave behind the behaviors and choices that are no longer serving you, I invite you to contact her.

Sandi ShroadsCertified Martha Beck Life CoachColorado, USA

I could write whole essays on how wonderful my experience of Judy Klipin’s coaching has been, but I’ll try to contain myself… Judy helped me to find my way back to me: to the me I remember being many years ago, the me who was filled with hope, self-belief and a can-do attitude. The me who believed she could conquer the world if she just set her mind to it.

Judy has the most serene, centered, grounded, real energy of anyone I have ever known. She personifies empathy, compassion and kindness. She provides a safe place for her clients. I cannot recommend her highly enough, and will continue to sing her praises at every opportunity. She truly has a gift, and I’m so glad she shared it with me.

Mandy Collins

Judy Klipin is hands-down, one of the most gifted coaches I’ve ever trained. She’s world-class, smart, funny, sensitive, determined, and intuitive. I’d recommend Judy to anyone who’s feeling stuck, weary, confused, discouraged, uncertain, in need of support – basically, I’d recommend her to any carbon-based life form that breathes oxygen and would like to have a wonderful life.

If you manage to make it onto her client list, count yourself lucky. It’ll be one of the best decisions you ever made.

Martha BeckO - The Oprah Magazine Columnist & Author Martha Beck, Ph.D.

Feedback about my book:

“I picked it up this morning and finished the entire book in one sitting! The best way I can explain it is it was like you were with me growing up…Thank you so much for giving me the tools to break the cycle. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

“A life changing book!!!!!! After reading it, I went out and bought 5 copies and gave them to all my adult/child friends; most of my favorite people are adult/children.”

“Your book unlocked galaxies for me.”

“Never before has a book been so life changing or been able to express in words all my fears and frustrations and self limiting beliefs that I feel like I have been carrying around with me for so many years.”

“I loved your book. I thought you must have written it all about me.
 I read it thinking ‘how does she know this about me?'”

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