How to Speak So People Will Hear…

…and Hear So People Will Speak

A one-day workshop on communication and conflict management skills.

If feeling mis-understood and mis-heard is making you mis-erable I have just the workshop for you! “How to speak so people will hear and hear so people will speak” will give you the understanding, skills and tools required to improve the way you hear and are heard.

Effective communication is what greases the wheels of all interactions; personal, professional, private and public. Communicating is not about the words spoken (they account for about 10% of what is expressed) so much as it is about what we are feeling and how we are behaving when we communicate.

This one day workshop will help you to understand how little words count, and how much emotion and ego affect the way we hear and are heard.

Part theory, part practical tools and tips, this workshop is a must for anyone who feels that they aren’t being heard the way they want to be.

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