Adult Child Coach Apprenticeship

I work with one apprentice at a time to train and mentor them to use my adult child coaching tools and techniques.

An adult child is anyone who had a childhood that was inconsistent or unpredictable in some way or for some time*. This could be due to alcohol or drugs (or any kind of addictions) but could also be because of lots of other things. Death or chronic illness of a parent, a special needs sibling, financial pressures…anything that created uncertainty and dysfunction.

I am an adult child and the vast majority of the hundreds of clients I have worked with are too.

The bad news is that adult children are easily exhausted and overwhelmed as we spend most of our energy meeting the needs (be they real or imagined) of the people around us. We don’t know how to look after ourselves very well. We find it hard to stand up for ourselves. We take life very seriously. We struggle with relationships. We suffer from anxiety. We are very others-centred.

The good news is that adult children are resilient, intuitive, practical and trustworthy. We are excellent in a crisis and make great friends and co-workers. We are self-sufficient and self-regulating. We have many, many untapped talents and strengths.

The even better news is that I can help you tap into your talents and strengths – and help you to do the same for your own clients the coaching methodology I have developed for working with adult children.

From relationships to work and everywhere in between, I have helped hundreds of clients to develop skills and tools that help them to manage conflict, identify and express their own needs and wants, and set and achieve important life goals.

The best news is that my tools and techniques work.

Really well.

I know because I have used them on myself and transformed my own life, relationships and work with them.

My apprenticeship programme is designed to support (already qualified) coaches to support their clients who are adult children.

The coach training combines experience with theory. It is an individual journey of discovery; self-discovery and discovery of the theories, concepts and tools under-pinning my adult child methodology.

I only work with one trainee/apprentice at a time. We have 12 90-minute class sessions (in person or via Skype or the phone) that combine theory and experience. The apprentice experiences intensive coaching that is located within the context of theory and process. The course has been designed to be as practical and experiential as possible. Apprentices are provided with course notes and materials to read and apply between classes, but the emphasis of the classes will be on practical experience and reflection of the materials and tools.

*This is my definition, arrived at after working with hundreds of clients who are adult children.

Email me to find out more or to be put on the waiting list to become and apprentice.

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