Online Courses: General Information

My Online Courses run over four weeks. They are open to people from all over the world and you can participate at any time you like: at your own pace, from your own space, in your own time.

The programmes are specially created and designed to support you rather than to add to your stress and overwhelm.

How it works

Twice a week (usually Mondays and Thursdays) you will receive an email straight to your inbox. The mails will be thought-provoking and action-oriented information and tasks (not overwhelming, I promise) for you to think about and put into practice. You are very welcome (in fact, you are encouraged) to send me emails asking questions, making observations or generally providing me with feedback on your process and how you are experiencing the materials and tasks.

The programmes are designed to be interactive and questions or challenges that are raised by each participant will be incorporated into the materials that follow on from each email installment.


Please refer to the individual course pages for cost information. Payments can be made with Paypal or via EFT.


You can book for each course by using the booking form available on the relevant course page.

Gift Vouchers

My Online Courses make great gifts for your loved ones, friends and colleagues! Vouchers can be purchased for all of the programmes on offer –  simply contact me to arrange it!


By registering for this programme you are agreeing to respect and uphold the confidentiality of all participants and discussions that may result from this programme. You are also agreeing to respect the copyright of the content that I share with you. Please do not replicate the course content or conversations in any way, shape or form. While you are very welcome to make reference to the course materials outside of the programme, please be sure to acknowledge the author (me) as the source.


Occasionally the course content and tasks may touch on something that you feel you need additional support with. Please do not hesitate to contact me via email so that I can provide you with the help that you need.

Step 1 — Reserve your place on the programme by paying through Paypal (or EFT if you are based in SA)

Step 2 — Prepare for lift off. You will receive a confirmation email from me giving you more details about what to expect from the programme before it starts. You can start preparing for the programme by finding a journal or notebook that you can use to write down your thoughts and process your ideas.

Step 3 — Check your email inbox every few days for messages and tasks from me. When you have read and completed each task, please email me back with any questions or observations before the next task is sent out.

Step 4 — Enjoy the insights and learnings and how they enhance how you are in your world.

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