Find Yourself In Love

Price: R750 / $75   R1000 / $100 (25% off – ends 28 February 2018)

Are you fed up with feeling like the only Singleton in your world?

Maybe you don’t trust yourself to make good choices about a partner. Or perhaps you fear losing your own identity when you commit to another person?

Maybe you are already in a relationship that makes you happy-ish, but you know you could be happier…

You deserve to be happy.

The “Find Yourself in Love” online coaching program looks at:

  • Understanding your patterns (helpful and unhelpful) in relationships.
  • Working out where and why it goes wrong.
  • How not to lose yourself in your relationships.
  • Learning about communication and conflict in relationships.
  • How to drop the drama and have a peacefully exciting relationship.
  • Learning the 5 love languages.


Price: R750 / $75   R1000 / $100
(25% off – ends 28 February 2018)

Payment: via EFT or Paypal.

Gift Vouchers: You can give this course as a gift – simply contact me to arrange it!

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